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One pandemic and intense challenges in the economy won’t stop our determination! GCCSA Champions are continuing to serve Greater Houston by providing new programs and tried and true services that meet our constituents where they are – on paths to success! Take a look and see what we’ve been working on this year.  


GCCSA was honored by the Missouri City (TX) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated with a gift of socks, shoes, and books for our youngest constituents! Students attending our Head Start & Early Head Start Program on the Bastian Elementary School campus were the recipients of a collection of brand-new athletic footwear, dress shoes, socks, and reading books!!!
The Links Give Back





pairs of shoes

pairs of socks


GCCSA has welcomed new community partnerships for 2022. With the North East Partners in Power Partnership Program, we’re able to target some of the most resource insecure zip codes in Harris County. Together in the PiP Partnership Program, GCCSA will be providing support services, job training and financial coaching to specifically benefit key areas. Soon, we’ll be able to open these targeted services to additional areas that need greater resources. 
We are partnering with new collaborator Ace Trucking Academy to provide a much-needed and sought-after vocational opportunity for qualified area residents. The Academy’s training and curriculum brings together the high demand for certified commercial drivers and the ready supply of under-employed persons who have come to us for job training and guidance. The Commercial Driving License (CDL) training partner program starts on September 19, 2022, at the academy’s westside location. GCCSA is offering 20 spots for this Agency-sponsored inaugural CDL class. All qualified GCCSA-enrolled participants will receive vocational scholarships that cover the costs of tuition and fees. 




waiting list

inaugural class



When the pandemic continued to cause interruptions in many of our training programs, we upped the ante. GCCSA has since increased the Vocational Scholarships awarded so far this year, exceeding our targets.
In addition to increasing the number of awards to income-eligible households, in some cases we have awarded more than 1 scholarship to a single household, increasing the changes in job attainment.




scholarships awarded to date

obtained career certificates

expected scholarship awardees by EOY


The need was great during the Great Eviction Crisis of 2021 and we exhausted funding quickly. But that didn’t thwart our persistence to keep residents of our great city with a roof over their heads. Our housing assistance payments went straight to landlords in order to expedite the process and ensure that no individual or family was left out in the cold because of paperwork. 



# of households we helped to avoid eviction

of the households who sought our assistance


Food pantries nationwide have experienced a shortage over the last few years, but that doesn’t mean the need goes away. We’ve been transitioning from curbside pick-up back to appointment-only, in-person visits to the Food Pantry at GCCSA. Thanks to the continued collaboration with the Houston Food Bank, retailers and individual donors, we’ve been able to get food into pantries. Although the year is not up, we were able to serve more than one thousand individuals between February and July, 2022.






food value

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