Board of Directors

Next Meeting of the Board of Directors –

September 21, 2021 @ 6:30 p.m.

Board of Directors Meeting

(via Webex)

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2021 Meeting Agendas

2020 Meeting Agendas

Board of Directors

Jay Griffin, Chair
Private Sector


Chrystal Hicks Greggs, Vice Chair
Under-Served, Sector B

Former Head Start Parent, Former Policy Council Chair

Olaniyi Oyedele, CPA, Treasurer
Public Sector, State Representative Jarvis Johnson

Fiscal Expert/ Certified Public Accountant

Dr. Vanese Delahoussaye, Secretary
Private Sector

Early Childhood Expert

Isalia Cavillo
Private Sector, HS/EHS Policy Council Chair
Pam Guthrie
Public Sector, Mayor Jeff Wagner, City of Pasadena
Elizabeth Humphrey, JD, licensed attorney
Under-Served, Sector C
Matala Idi
Public Sector, Commissioner Rodney Ellis
Carolyn Scantlebury
Private Sector, NAACP
Reverend Lee Skinner
Under-Served, Sector A
William-Paul Thomas
Public Sector, Mayor Sylvester Turner,                City of Houston
Under-Served, Sector D

Board Advisory Members

Charles Wilson, JD

Legal Expert

Daniel Ramirez, JD

Legal Counsel

Appearances before the Board: Public Comments

The Gulf Coast Community Services Association, Inc. (GCCSA) Board of Directors recognizes the value to governance of public comment on community action and social services and the importance of allowing the public to express themselves on matters of community interest.

Members of the public are invited to address the Board of Directors (“the Board”) whenever it meets. In addition, written communications to the Board are always welcome[…]

El Consejo de Administración del Gulf Coast Community Services Association, Inc.  (GCCSA) reconoce el valor de gobernar el comentario público sobre servicios comunitarios y de servicios sociales y la importancia de permitir al público expresarse sobre asuntos de interés para la comunidad.

Los miembros del público son invitados a dirigirse al Consejo de Administración (“el Consejo”) cuando sea que este se reúne. Además, siempre son bienvenidas las comunicaciones por escrito al Consejo[…]