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How do we do it?

One pandemic and intense challenges in the economy won’t stop our determination! GCCSA Champions are continuing to serve Greater Houston by providing new programs and tried and true services that meet our constituents where they are – on paths to success! Take a look and see what we’ve been working on this year.  

Individuals and families seeking to gain and maintain their economic footing work closely with GCCSA Specialists. They are provided an assessment of needs, development and implementation of a Service Plan, and monitoring of goal achievement that helps them address their personal and professional development. Financial assistance is offered to qualified participants who seek to pursue continuing education and/or vocational certification programs. 

Harris County

Galveston County

Brazoria County

Vocational Training & Scholarships

CDL Certification


Health Care

Truck driving is a huge industry, with 3.6 million people employed as professional drivers and almost 8 million working in the transportation field in some way. We’ve partnered with area organizations and community colleges in Harris and Brazoria Counties to offer GCCSA clients opportunities to enroll in courses to become certified commercial drivers.

Welding, a highly sought-after skill, is one of the fastest-growing professions domestically and globally. The construction, automotive, and aerospace industries (all of which are dominant in Greater Houston) employ many welders. GCCSA has partnered with several training programs in Harris County that will put our clients on a lucrative career path as a certified welder. 

Houston boasts a diverse medical community of more than 376,000 workers, with the Texas Medical Center (the largest medical complex in the world) at its helm. There is immense opportunity in the health care industry and GCCSA is proud to partner with programs in Harris and Galveston Counties for the benefit of our clients.

Automotive & Machining

Computer Technology

Massage Therapy

Automotive technology is a rapidly developing field, becoming more complex each year. The industry demand for qualified technicians is enormous. So too is the need for machinists skilled in high-precision manufacturing techniques. Many industries, including medical, automotive and oil & gas, are in constant demand for CNC machinists. That’s why GCCSA has partnered with community colleges in Galveston and Brazoria Counties to provide vocational training.

Greater Houston is set to become one of the top 10 cities for tech employment. Nearly a quarter of a million tech workers call our area home. These jobs are in high and constant demand. GCCSA is pleased to partner with a program in Galveston County so that our clients may earn their certifications for a rewarding career in computer and information technology.

Massage therapy is one of the fastest growing health care professions in the country. Enrolling in massage therapy school is a rewarding choice for someone who wants to help others improve the quality of their lives, whether it is full- or part-time, as part of an organization, or as an independent business owner. GCCSA has partnered with a program in Galveston County that will train and certify our clients looking for a worthwhile, new career.

Adult Continuing Education

Financial Empowerment

General Educational Development

Life Empowerment And Progression Program (LEAPP)

The Agency offers adult educational opportunities for residents to obtain their General Education Diploma and Adult Basic Education certification. 

Additional services include: financial coaching, credit and budgeting classes, nutrition workshops, workforce development and job readiness, transportation vouchers, and access to community partner programs.

Apply for aid via the online Application for Assistance.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider. Read more on our anti-discrimination policies.