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Head Start/Early Head Start Volunteer Process

Any person providing service in the classroom or to the center that is not employed or contracted by GCCSA Head Start/Early Head Start (including regular parent volunteers, community volunteers, and practicum or intern students) must complete a “Volunteer Candidate Information Form” and “Affidavit for Employment”.  These forms contain required documents and information needed for the volunteer file, for State Licensing and GCCSA. The following items must be completed prior to volunteering in any capacity in the program:

  1. Volunteer Clearance Letter

  2. In-Kind Form

  3. Volunteer Candidate Information Form

  4. Under Age Volunteer Need a Parental Consent Form

  5. Copy of Government Issued Id

  6. Volunteer Id Badge

  7. Affidavit for Employment

  8. DFPS Central Registry Background Check

  9. Fingerprint Receipt

  10. Volunteer Orientation

  11. Volunteer Training Certificate

A volunteer that has not completed the HS/EHS screenings cannot have any exposure to children.  Allowing a person who is not cleared to volunteer at your center, deems your center to be noncompliant with GCCSA policies and State Licensing Minimum Standards.  Only Parent Visitors are allowed to visit in their children’s classroom.  They will only visit under 2 hours a month and will not have responsibility of any children, except their own.

Any person providing service in the classroom or to the center that is not employed or contracted by GCCSA Head Start/Early Head Start is considered a volunteer.  NO VOLUNTEER WILL EVER BE LEFT ALONE WITH CHILDREN FOR ANY REASON AND WILL NOT BE COUNTED IN THE TEACHER TO CHILD RATIO.


45 CFR 1304.3 (a) (20) defines a volunteer as “an unpaid person who is trained to assist in implementing ongoing program activities on a regular basis under the supervision of a staff person…” For GCCSA HS/EHS purposes, a regular volunteer volunteers 2 hours per month or more.

Parent Visitor:  Visiting Parent (less than 1 hours per month)

Parents will receive the Parent Handbook at Orientation that includes information regarding visiting their child in the classroom.  They will have no responsibility for children other than their own, are not to be left alone with children under any circumstances and are to be supervised by a HS/EHS staff person at all times. Parent Visitors must receive a visitor Badge from the Center Administrator or collaborating center if they will be visiting the child’s classroom.  A Parent Visitor may not be in the classroom without a visiting badge.

Volunteer:  Regular Parent Volunteers, Community Volunteers, Interns and Students

Any person providing service in the classroom or to the center that is not employed or contracted by GCCSA Head Start/Early Head Start is considered a volunteer (no matter how minimum the amount of time is). Volunteers between the ages of 12-17 must have their parent/legal guardian sign the Parental Consent/Liability Form and must be supervised by an adult at all times while volunteering. Volunteers aged 11 years and under, will not be eligible to volunteer with Gulf Coast HS/EHS. ANY PERSON VOLUNTEERING EVEN FOR A MINUTE MUST BE CLEARED BY GCCSA TO ASSIST IN ANY CAPACITY,

Volunteer Requirements

1. Completion of Volunteer Candidate Information Form & Affidavit

Volunteer Candidate Information Form has to be completed in its entirety and submitted to the Governance Specialist, with a copy of a valid Identification Card (Texas ID Card, Texas Driver’s License, Passports and Matriculas also accepted).  Other forms of identification accepted upon review.  If the volunteer is:

  1. Between the ages of 12-17 they must also submit a Parental Consent/Liability Form (only if under the age of 18)


    1. Court Ordered they must also submit a copy of the Court Order along with authorization to release information
  1. The Affidavit for employment must be signed and dated.  All other information will be filled out by the Notary located at Corporate Office.

2.  Successful completion of Volunteer Orientation

All volunteers must complete Volunteer Orientation. Center Administrators, Next in Charge (NIC) and Family Service Associates (FSAs) will work together to provide orientation to volunteers for their center.  The Center Administrator will designate the person supervising the volunteer to sign off that the Volunteer Orientation was completed with the volunteer. If the volunteer will be located at Corporate Office the Governance Specialist will be responsible for providing Volunteer Orientation. If the volunteer is a practicum or intern students that department supervising will be responsible for providing Volunteer Orientation.

3. Picture for GCCSA Volunteer ID Badge

Center Administrator will schedule with the volunteer a time to take their picture.  Once completed the Governance Specialist will be contacted to download the pictures and return to Corporate Office to create the Volunteer Badge.  Any volunteers/interns will schedule their appointment with the Governance Specialist and complete at the Corporate Office.

4. Completion of Criminal Background Check

Once application and affidavit is submitted to the Governance Specialist, he/she will submit documents to the GCCSA HR department.  The HR department will complete the Criminal Background Check through Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services.  The results will be forwarded to the Governance Specialist.  Any questions, pertaining to the status of the Volunteers will go through the Governance Specialist. The HR department will not answer any questions regarding pending volunteers.

5. Placement

After a volunteer has completed the Volunteer Orientation and screening, the Governance Specialist will place the volunteer with an appropriate opportunity based on desires, preferences, skills and screening results. HS/EHS parents will be placed at the same center as their children if preferred. If the volunteer is not cleared and will be unable to volunteer for GCCSA by the Human Resources Department, a Not Cleared letter will be generated by the HR department.  This letter will state whether the reason the volunteer is not cleared is because of a Minimum Standard Violation or a GCCSA policy.

  1. 6. Clearance Documentation Picked up by Center


The Governance Specialist will then hand deliver all documents including ID badge to a designated staff person from the Center for filing. All documents must be filed in a secured locked cabinet, and may be requested for viewing for monitoring by GCCSA staff or State licensing staff.  All documents will be signed off by the designated staff person, that they are in receipt.  Volunteer Badges are not to be removed by center unless prior written approval by Governance Specialist is given.

7. Documentation of Volunteer Time

The Center staff will work with the volunteer to document the time and duties they have performed at the center.  This documentation will be completed on the In-Kind Form and will be submitted following the In-Kind process.  Each task will be documented on a separate in-kind form, even if the tasks were performed in the same day.  The Governance Specialist will then document in PROMIS the accrued In-Kind for each center, and include in necessary reports as requested by Central staff and or volunteers.  Copies of all In-Kind forms will be filed in the Volunteer folder.


  1. HS/EHS parents will complete a Volunteer Candidate Information Form and sign and date Affidavit for Employment at their HS/EHS center.
  1. Community Volunteers and practicum or intern students can complete a Volunteer Candidate Information Form and Affidavit for Employment at Central and submit the completed form and ID directly to the Governance Specialist.
  1. If a Volunteer Candidate Information Form and Affidavit for Employment is completed at the center it must be submitted to the Governance Specialist by route of any Corporate Office personnel, by designated fax, or in person. The HS/EHS center must also keep a copy.
  1. If Volunteer Candidate is a returning volunteer from the HS/EHS center, the center must submit any clearance documentation they may have from the previous year along with the new/updated application and affidavit.  This will help speed up the process in clearing them for the new program year.   This does not indicate they are automatically cleared for the current program year.  All steps listed below will have to be followed and completed for the current year’s clearance.
  1. The Governance Specialist will log all completed Volunteer Packets that are received into PROMIS.
  1. A Volunteer Candidate Information Form that is not complete, correct, or is missing an ID, will be returned to the center, and will have to be resubmitted in its entirety once corrected. If returned they will not be logged as received for processing and will delay the clearance process.
  1. If a Volunteer Information Form has been received and they have answered “yes” or “I don’t know” to any questions on the TB Questionnaire, the Governance Specialist will request the center to notify the volunteer needs to submit a current TB Test result.  If the volunteer is unable to afford one they will be referred to a low cost clinic or deemed not cleared to volunteer.   All community volunteers and interns must submit a cleared TB Test result with their application and affidavit.
  1. The Governance Specialist will submit copies of the completed Volunteer Candidate Form and affidavit with the government issued id to the Human Resources (HR) Associate. An email will also be sent to the HR Associate that contains the list the names of potential volunteers and the center they will be volunteering at.  This list will also contain the date it was submitted for clearance to the HR Associate.
  1. If the application does not contain a Social Security Number, the Governance Specialist will complete a 2971.  This form will be submitted to the Head Start Director for signature and once signed will be submitted to the HR department with original Volunteer Candidate Application.  The same process as number 7 will follow.
  1. The HR Department will complete the Central Registry Background Check.
  1. The HR Associate will forward the Central Registry Confirmation Email or GCCSA clearance letter to the Governance Specialist by email.
  1. Completion of #7, #8 and #9 will take no longer than a maximum of 5-7 business days to complete.
  1. The Governance Specialist will notify the Volunteer they have been cleared and that they need to contact their Center Administrator to set up an appointment for their photo name badge and orientation.
  1. The Governance Specialist will notify the Center to complete a Volunteer Orientation and photo name badge if one has not already been completed.
  1. Once the Governance Specialist is in receipt of the Volunteer Orientation, he/she will generate a Clearance Letter to officially notify the center that the volunteers have successfully completed the Volunteer Process and that they can begin volunteering at their center.   The appropriate Center Administrator or designated staff will receive the original completed and approved Volunteer Candidate Information Form, Affidavit, notification from HR and/or Central Registry regarding clearance, a copy of the Clearance Letter, Volunteer Orientation and the ID badge.
  1. When the Center Administrator or designated staff receives this information they will sign the Clearance Letter indicating receipt of badge and file, and provide an original copy to the Governance Specialist.  This will also indicate they have knowledge that the Badge will not be removed from their center for any reason unless notified in writing by Governance Specialist.
  1. If the badge is lost and/or needs to be replaced the center staff person who signed off as receipt of the badge will be responsible for the cost of replacing the badge.
  1. Volunteer files will be maintained at the center with original documentation. The Governance Specialist will only maintain volunteer files for volunteers assigned to the Central Office, and the clearance letter of the center’s cleared volunteers.
  1. The Human Resources Department will keep the background check results, a copy of the volunteer’s ID, and copy of the volunteer Information Form on file.

Volunteer Application Form

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