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I am applying for services at Gulf Community Services Association, Inc. (GCCSA, Inc.)

What Do I Need?

To determine if you are qualified to enroll in GCCSA Services, you must provide GCCSA, Inc with documents that prove: (1) Harris County residency; (2) Household Size; and (3) the Income for the Household.

(1) Harris County Residency

How do I prove that I live in Harris County?

  • Using the address on your completed 2020 Application for Services and supporting documents, GCCSA will verify your address in the Harris County Appraisal District (HCAD) database.


(2) Household Size

How do I prove the number of people who live in my household?

  • Provide all pages of your current, signed Lease Agreement
  • A Lease Agreement is acceptable IF:

A. Lease Agreement has all pages,

B. Lease Agreement is current, not expired,

C. Lease Agreement is signed, and

D. Lease Agreement must list all adults living in the Household.


Additional Documents are required to prove the number of people in the Household if:

E. You do not have a lease due to being a homeowner or other living situation,

F. Your Lease is not complete or acceptable (see A-D),

G. Your GCCSA Application for Services has listed household members who are not included on your lease, or

H. Your Lease has Household Members that are not listed on your GCCSA Application for Services


If your Lease is not acceptable, as listed in Items E – H, please select 2 documents and provide a copy of each, for each Adult Household Member (age 18 or older).

The following are acceptable as long as they include the name of the Household Member and the correct residential address:

  • Letter from the Landlord or Apartment Manager, dated and signed
  • State issued ID / Driver License (current)
  • Property or Income Tax Statement
  • Mortgage Statement
  • SSI/SSDI Award Letter
  • SNAP Award Letter
  • Medicaid or Medicare letter
  • Voter Registration Card
  • Utility or Cable bill
  • Current Auto Insurance
  • Any document issued by state, county or city, or the federal government dated within 90 days of the application


(3) Income, for Adult Household Members

How do I prove my Household’s most recent income?

  • Income documentation must be submitted for all Adult household members, eighteen (18) years of age and older
  • All Income included on your GCCSA Application for Services requires a copy of documents


For each Adult Household Member employed within the past 30 days and who received Paycheck(s):

  • Submit the consecutive stubs for the thirty (30) days prior to the date of the application
    • If paid Weekly = Four (4) consecutive paycheck stubs
    • If paid Bi-Weekly = Two (2) consecutive paycheck stubs
    • If paid Semi-Monthly = Two (2) consecutive paycheck stubs
    • If paid Monthly = One (1) paycheck stub


For each Adult Household Member that receives Monthly Award Payments:

  • Submit a current year Award Letter:
    • Unemployment Benefits – Provide a Payment Detail Summary Sheet (date printed must reflect on or after date of signed application)
    • Social Security (SS)
    • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
    • Retirement, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (RSDI)
    • VA Benefits
    • VA Disability Benefits
    • Retirement or Pension
    • Insurance / Workman’s Comp / Annuity Payments
    • Child Support – Provide a Payment Detail Summary Sheet (date printed must reflect on or after date of signed application)


If the Household Receives SNAP/Food Stamps:

  • Submit a current year Benefit Letter that is dated; all pages must be included


If an Adult Household Member cannot provide proof of income, the Household must:

  • Submit a Declaration of Income Statement (DIS)


A household must detail how immediate and basic needs have been met. All income is verified and must have copies as proof.


Complete the GCCSA E-Application for Services and upload all Required Documents at www.GCCSA.org.