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For more than five decades, Gulf Coast Community Services Association, Inc. (GCCSA, Inc) has been on the front lines of the battlefield to reduce poverty and build economic independence in Harris County. Our mission is largely possible because of the support of like-minded individuals – like you!

The mission to end poverty has been a national objective since the Lyndon Baines Johnson administration—our nation’s growth depends on it. Consequently, we must work hard, we must work together, and we must work unceasingly to build a better tomorrow.
Although Community Action Agency’s (CAA) were created to foster this comprehensive approach to the problem, it will take the entire village to solve it. In jest, I often say, “it takes a village to be the CEO of the largest CAA in the state of Texas,” but there is a great deal of truth that resonates in that statement. As long as poverty persists in Houston’s communities, we have a problem.


Considering the vicissitudes that could possibly cause turbulence in our lives: unemployment, illiteracy, mental illness, homelessness, sub-prime mortgages, and limited access to early child care that are constant obstacles causing us to capsize, it is imperative that community leaders proactively steer a course that is promising. We must be response-able, and we must rally around the un-served and underserved in the community. Without your active involvement, our task of ending poverty and building economic independence would be even more daunting and challenging.


Excellence at GCCSA, Inc is the standard, not the goal. In the wake of enormous cuts to critical programs that build and strengthen the community, the GCCSA team has risen to the occasion. We cannot stop now…for if not GCCSA, then who will advocate for the poor? Who will be responsible for mobilizing resources to assist low-income people? Who will serve as the catalyst by helping people help themselves? Who will coordinate services and fill gaps left between other service providers? GCCSA!!! On this website, you will see how effectively and efficiently the team of 440 GCCSA employees, along with numerous stakeholders, conduct quality programs, serve historically unmet needs, manage the financial resources, and achieve results in order to erect a more stable future for Texas. Our work and dedication are grounded in helping people and changing lives.


We build on the principles of citizen participation, advocacy, leveraging resources, and providing effective services. We are hoping that you will continue to partner with GCCSA, Inc as we lead the charge to generate economic and social change that will help the residents of Harris County reach their full potential. Specifically, we celebrate (with your support, of course) an exceptional period of achievements. To name a few, we were the only agency in Harris County to receive zero findings on our Federal PRISM review of our Head Start/Early Head Start Program; we received the Bandini award from the Houston Food Bank for an Excellent Food Pantry; we ranked third out of 49 CAAs in transitioning low-income families out of poverty, and we received zero findings from the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs.


Thanks in advance for your continued support of our purpose and the promise to eradicate poverty and build economic independence!

Yours truly,

Dr. Jonita Wallace Reynolds

Chief Executive Officer