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Fatherhood Program Objective

The GCCSA HS/EHS Fatherhood Program is designed with a comprehensive approach to enhancing the participation of fathers and father-figures in the lives of their families.

The Fatherhood Program empowers our father-figures as positive role models for their families and the community while providing them with a social support network.

Program Goals:

  • Develop a peer-based support system in which members feel comfortable sharing their feelings, experiences, and challenges towards fatherhood;
  • Engage fathers/father-figures in regular meetings and events that will facilitate personal growth;
  • Enhance the ability and skill of the father/father-figure to parent and nurture his children and family;
  • Increase positive interactions with family and community;
  • Promote participation in Head Start & Early Head Start activities and volunteerism;
  • Foster a greater sense of self-esteem, pride, and responsibility;
  • Impact the community-at-large through increased outreach to other father-figures outside the GCCSA, Inc Head Start/ Early Head Start community.

Upcoming Fatherhood Activities