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Head Start and Early Head Start Parent Information

The GCCSA Head Start and Early Head Start Team knows that parents are the primary educators of their children. Therefore, in order to support and enhance their role, they must be provided with experiences that will strengthen their parental skills in order to serve as better advocates for themselves and their family.

Head Start and Early Head Start provides opportunities for parents’ participation through:

  • Direct Involvement – Direct involvement in the planning, implementation and decision-making process of the programs’ operations.
  • Classroom Participation – Participation in classroom and other program activities as volunteers and observers.
  • Parent Activities – Activities for parents that they have expressed an interest in and assisting them in their development.
  • Staff Cooperation – Working with their children in cooperation with other GCCSA Head Start and Early Head Start staff.

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GCCSA provides services in addition to early childhood education; including emergency assistance, programs for economic development, workforce development and adult literacy and education.

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