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Vocational Training & Scholarships

GCCSA, Inc strongly believes that Education and Literacy are vital attributes for anyone seeking to better themselves and transition into a thriving and productive life.  We are proud to be able to provide access to services that increase basic academic skills and vocational aptitude for adults. As a Community Action Agency, we strongly believe in improving adult education, particularly when it directly impacts and influences children’s educational goals. Our partner programs prepare students with career training and relevant vocational skills, instilling a commitment to community outreach, strong citizen-leadership skills, and a compelling sense of self. All of these aspects will improve the chances of economic independence and self-sufficiency.

In partnership with community partners, such as Arclabs Welding School, Smithwood Medical Institute and the Industrial Welding Academy (IWA), full scholarships are offered to qualifying candidates interested in pursuing continuing education or vocational training certifications. Scholarships include the cost of tuition, books, uniforms, and other school fees.







Program Qualifications

To qualify for GCCSA’s Educational Scholarships, you must meet the following guidelines:



For more information, contact Client Services Manager Alfredo Flores at 713-393-4720 or  FloresA@gccsa.org.

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