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Community Learning Center

GCCSA strongly believes Education and Literacy to be vital attributes for anyone seeking to better themselves and transition into thriving and productive lives.  We are proud to be able to provide access to education services that increase basic academic skills and vocational training for adults. As a Community Action Agency, we strongly believe in improving adult education, particularly when it directly impacts and influences children’s educational goals. Our program prepares students with career training and vocational skills, and helps to instill a commitment to community outreach and strong citizen leadership skills. All of these aspects will improve the chances of economic independence and self-sufficiency.


GCCSA partners with other community organizations that provide Literacy Service programs throughout the Harris County Area. Each program and service differs between the organizations according to community needs.


Please contact Client Services Manager, Nikoletta Battistoni for more information.

Office: 713-393-4700 ext. 720.

Email: battistonin@gccsa.org


Workshops and Courses

Adult Basic Education – ABE is designed for adults who have minimal competence in reading, writing and math computation. Lessons assist the student to improve their reading, writing, and math skills from ABE Beginning Literacy through ABE High Intermediate.


General Equivalency Diploma – The GED program is designed to assist the student to improve basic skills in the five areas tested for the GED, such as Writing Skills, Social Studies, Science, Literature, and Math. Testing skills will prepare students to reach high scores on the seven and one half hours of testing. For GED Testing, students must be income eligible and attend class to receive at least one progress test. In order to receive the testing free the first time they test for the GED at the University of Houston-Downtown, they must be recommended by an instructor for readiness. Students receiving a GED Certificate from the Texas Education Agency can participate in the annual GED Graduation.


Computer Literacy – Assistance is available for using the Work in Texas system. GCCSA will also provide resources for computer applications courses through participating community partners. Current information, curriculum study, and software will be provided to prepare students for a job, assisting their children with homework, home management and research resources.