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GCCSA, Inc. Federal Furlough Assistance

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Although the government is starting to re-open and federal furloughed employees have returned to work, based on GCCSA, Inc.’s 55 years of experience, we know that the hardships many furloughed-families experienced are not quickly removed. Federal Furloughed employees are still in need of support.

As Harris County’s Community Action Agency, GCCSA Inc. is not only commissioned to assist Harris County’s income-eligible (household income is at or below the Federal Poverty Income Limits) residents, we are also positioned to meet the basic needs of Harris County residents who qualify (in accordance with the Federal Poverty Income Limits).

Accordingly, GCCSA, Inc. has extended the timeline for offering assistance, as well as modified the registration process.

We are inviting Federal Employees (Single Parent or Single Person Households) residing in Harris County to submit an application for consideration for financial assistance and/or services. The details follow:


 WHO:   Federal Employees (Single Parent or Single Person Households) who reside in Harris County

 WHAT:  GCCSA, Inc. has a selection of food and household items in our Food Pantry and may address pending evictions and disconnection with financial assistance toward rent and/or electricity.

WHEN: Wednesday (Jan. 30th) thru Friday (February 1st)

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

WHERE:  GCCSA Inc.’s Corporate Office

9320 Kirby Drive, Houston, Texas 77054

WHY:   GCCSA, Inc. is Harris County’s Community Action Agency. We help individuals and families gain stability.