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A Random Act of Kindness

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What would you do if you found a wad of money…lying on the sidewalk…no cameras silently watching…no one frantically searching the ground, looking for something lost?

Would you pocket it? Save it for a rainy day? Donate it to a cause? Splurge on something new?

Look for the owner?

If you are one of the GCCSA Super Stars at Reveille Head Start, then you would do the latter. Our Super Star is modest, so we will call her Grace.

While walking to the local grocery store one balmy day, Grace happened upon a wallet lying on the ground. In it, was a State ID and $1,300 in crisp 100 dollar bills. As you can imagine, this find made Grace nervous. Who on earth would lose track of their wallet with so much money in it? Grace looked around to spot that frantic person. No one. Grace went into the nearby stores and asked if anyone came to claim a wallet. She waited patiently in each store to see if anyone would come. She even walked slowly home, hoping that the owner would return. Nothing.

After talking to her niece, a Houston Detective, Grace called the non-emergency police number to ask for help getting the wallet back to its owner. Grace has no vehicle and her husband is in the hospital. That Monday, HPD showed up at Reveille and promised her they would go to the gentleman’s house to return it.

Later that day, that gentleman turned up at Reveille. He is a 75 year old Military Veteran. After frantically searching his house, he sadly realized he lost his wallet somewhere on a sidewalk. That $1,300 was all the money he and his wife had for the entire month.  He hugged and thanked Grace and gave her a small reward, saying not many passersby would have done what she did.

What did Grace have to say for herself? “It wasn’t mine to keep.”


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