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The 2018 GCCSA E-Application for Services

is now being accepted ONLINE

The digital version is identical to the original paper version and has a user-friendly setup.

  • Easier to Apply – Users can apply using a computer or mobile device.
  • Do not forget key information – The application has helpful tips for required fields.
  • Required Paperwork – Easy to upload and attach each of your documents.


Step 1:  Review the “What Do I Need” and Frequently Asked Questions Guides


This helpful guide will help you decide what items to submit for your application.


If you need help, please check out our FAQ guide; it may help you complete your application and decide what items to submit.

Step 2:  Have all Required Documents and Paperwork ready to upload.


Please refer to this guide to help you upload your documents for your application.

Step 3:  Give Yourself Time to Complete the Full Application.

After completing Steps 1 – 3, start GCCSA E-Application for Services.

To start the E-Application CLICK HERE

After you submit your application, it will be reviewed for completeness. 
We automatically save your application during the application process. Every time you click “Next”, your application is saved for that step in the process, only.
**If you close the program or exit prior to the final submission – Your application WILL NOT SAVE and is not received by GCCSA.**

Submitting your complete application and supporting documents is the first step on your journey with us toward economic independence!

For concerns, complaints, and/or grievances, click here.